Women's Ski Jumping in the USA

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Chronichle of a new sport in our great nation.

Women's Ski Jumping in the USA

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Gender discrimination is a vexing concept that has been plaguing women since sometime. What would you feel if I stated that the tradition continues even on this day -- and that too in front of our eyes? I am speaking about the controversial subject, which is none other than women's ski jumping. A fair share of the Americans is literally unaware of the problems that women face when it comes to ski jumping. The intention of this website is to provide a general awareness about the plight of the fairer sex!

Ever since the inception of ski jumping, experts have touted it as a sport that is fitting only for men. No one knows the exact reason why women are facing stiff resistance when it comes to the ski jumping arena. It is possible to study the height of the situation from the simple fact that the event was not even present in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Despite numerous petitions and awareness drives conducted throughout the country (along with various other nations), all efforts were simply squashed with the courthouse deciding against the women. The International Olympic Committee has their own share of explanations and citing for this discrimination.

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A bunch of so-called renowned doctors has come up with the explanation that ski jumping is "medically unfit to women". No form of explanation has been offered to explain the nature of problems that a women athlete would face if they resort to ski jumping. The only respite to the situation is the presence of non-profit based organizations whose very intention is to promote the sport among women -- by any means possible, for example by promoting it as a possible college sports across the nation. These establishments have close tie-up with reputed international bodies such as the International Ski Federation and work around the clock to sustain the level of interest (along with enthusiasm) among women skiers.

We must recognize the accomplishments laid out by the champion women skiers ever since the late 80s (when the world was formally introduced to this sporting event). Something that started as a means of recreation quickly turned into a rage among sporting fans. We have done it before, and it takes nothing but some efforts from our side to realize the dreams. The situation is particular reminiscent of the era from 1980 to 1985 when women fought their best to be included in the marathon events (back then even this sporting activity was reserved exclusively for men).

Historically speaking, the sport has found acceptance since 2005 when women competed in the Continental Cup. The activity is gaining widespread importance with major backing from companies such as Visa and USANA Health Services. As of today, there is a possibility for the same sport to be included in the 2014 Olympics. The authorities have ensured to attach countless strings in the form of conditions as well as clauses for the International Women's Skiing events. However, we cannot fathom the possibilities of it being disapproved once again (as it has been happening since sometime).